Frequently Asked Questions

That is really up to your imagination!

At this time no, we do not add any cores into the wand. However, we are looking into ways we could do that in the future.

I make my wands from various woods, metals, and resins.

When labeling or naming the wands the wood used is listed and the “gemstone” or other material name is often just a description of the look of the resin and not an actual gemstone.

Yes! All of our ready to cast wands are new designs and no two are ever identical. New wand designs come out regularly as stock is sold.

We do! After looking for the best option, for $20 shipping we can ship pretty much anywhere! Unfortunately, due to the cost of international shipping we cannot offer free shipping except if you are the winner of one of our giveaways.

Nope, not at all. If you won a wand in one of my giveaways then you will be contacted about the specifics of your wand and for your shipping address. Keep in mind, as this is a custom project, it can take 1-2 weeks to complete before shipping.

We cannot guarantee delivery of a wand by a certain date. However, you can make a note of the date you would like it by and if circumstances allow, we will do whatever we can to get it to you by that date.

Our general rule is to offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with your order as long is it is returned within 30 days. However we do not offer refunds for custom wand orders as you will be consulted through the process. If a product is returned and it cannot be put back into stock due to being used or damaged, you may be charged a restocking fee.